Project Status

The Koberon Project

Last year, in the latter half of 2013, we managed to put together an extraordinary team of talented artists who produced some wonderful concept art. We did this with a view to making a trailer in 3D Animation to promote the Koberon film concept.

The concept art enabled us to produce a promo video which was used in a crowd-funding initiative on Kickstarter. ¬†Unfortunately, we fell short of our target and failed to raise enough funds to make the trailer. As it was Kickstarter which works on an all or nothing basis, and because we didn’t reach the target, we didn’t actually obtain any funding for the project at all.


So, we are now at the stage where we have taken the project as far as we can with a zero budget. We are simply not in a position to move forward with the project unless we can find sponsors to fund the trailer.

We’ve prepared a tentative budget for the making of the trailer in 3D Animation, which tells us we need to raise approx. ¬£55,000 (around $91,000). Although this is an estimate based on a trailer of 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length, this should be sufficient to make a trailer of a high enough standard in order to present the concept for the full Koberon Sci-fi film, and to show it off in the light that we feel it deserves.

Our ultimate aim is to see Koberon on the cinema screen as a full length Science Fiction film in 3D Animation. So, if you share our vision and Koberon is of interest to you, then please contact us to discuss the project or to request more information.