A Science Fiction film project / Screenplay by Allan Ewart & Iryna Ewart

The ultimate aim of The Koberon Sci-fi Film Project is the production of a full length feature film in 3D Animation. But first, we need to make a trailer. 

An alien science prodigy with the blueprint for a time machine teams up with an orphan girl to reverse the death of her parents and save his planet from a black hole.


When the story begins, we learn that a black hole is sucking the planet Koberon into its magnetic field. This is bad news for science prodigy Abayomi and his mentor Clementor, who together have developed a blueprint for a Time Machine. While being forced to flee in desperation with everyone else, an evil tyrant named Devak forces Clementor to relinquish the blueprint. Fortunately, Abayomi recaptures the blueprint from Devak and escapes to Earth with Devak in hot pursuit. Upon his arrival, Abayomi befriends a ten-year-old orphan named Tori who lost her parents in a car accident. Tori’s Guardian Angel Ariel appears as an apparition, and guides Tori to help Abayomi build the Time Machine. If Abayomi succeeds, Clementor has a chance to steer Koberon away from the black hole. If he fails, it would render him powerless to help Tori go back in time to save her parents.

“Koberon” is a story about faith and friendship, which we believe will inspire hope and courage to audiences Worldwide.